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Easy Diary is a simple and small application developed by Non Tube Software that allows you to store notes, memories, events and appointments for every day of the year in an easy and secure way, protecting your data by means of a password. Easy Diary's interface has been designed to be easily handled and includes a calendar which can be easily navigated to keep your data organized. All you have to do is simply type your texts in the main window and they will be automatically saved.

The program's interface can be customized, changing the font type and color, background color as well, just to give it a personal touch. Besides, it gives you the chance to create backups of your notes by exporting the information to a text file. Easy Diary can be used by multiple users who will access the program using their own login info. The advantage of using Easy Diary is that you no longer need to store your daily writing in separate text files. Instead, within this simple program, all your appointments and memories can be kept secure and safe within one single application.

Mariel Rearte
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